UK-based sports insurance specialists

Regardless of the sport we choose, whether team-based like football, rugby, cricket and hockey or individual athletes and competitors like motorsport drivers and motorcycle racers, we all need a reliable support team that we can count on in good times and bad. At Sports Insure we are UK-based sports insurance specialists who provide international risk management and arrange insurance solutions for national governing bodies, associations, sports players, athletes, coaches, team owners and managers, sports leagues, facilities, organisations and businesses.

It doesn’t matter if you play for fun at an amateur level like Sunday league football or weekend motocross racing, enjoy recreational winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, are a semi-pro or full time, professional sports competitor; if your financial situation could be affected by a sports injury, we can find an insurance solution to match your needs. We deliver a personal service that enables us to get to know you and your individual needs, like what outgoings you need to support and whether you have a family to take care of. Plus, we have specialist expertise in disability sports insurance.

We can also help sports businesses and organisations, like sports associations and governing bodies, recreation grounds and leisure facilities and sports education providers with both insurance solutions and risk management support. From auditing potential risks, to putting plans in place to mitigate them and dealing with a potential crisis if and when it unavoidably happens, our sports insurance specialists can support at every stage.