Excess Protection

Excess Protection

It is possible to purchase cover to protect the excess on your policy. There is a premium charged for this protection which is dependent on the level of the excess and the likelihood of a claim.

It does not matter what type of policy you have which has an excess, whether it is a Property policy, a Motor Fleet policy or a Liability policy, they can all be protected, either in full or in part. Often insurers will have an upper limit that they wish to provide the cover for, this is typically £ 2,500 but depending on the level of the excess and the risk or previous claims history, they may quote for a higher limit.

It is possible to protect an excess on a Governing Body Liability policy for both bodily injury and third party property damage. So where this excess has historically been passed on to the organising club to pay, this could be insured for a small initial outlay and protect the club or organiser from an unknown financial exposure.

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