Event cancellation

Event cancellation

Event cancellation insurance is important for sports facilities and promoters responsible for organising sporting events. There is a whole host of reasons that sporting events can be cancelled, such as unexpected injuries to an athlete, high risk or threat of a terror attack, weather conditions, concerns over venue Health & Safety or Risk Management and much more. But when that cancellation is at short notice – even for the right reasons – that cancellation or postponement can be extremely costly for organisers and sporting event promoters.

With significant money spent upfront in promoting the sports attraction, producing tickets for the event and organising necessary supplies, facing the reality of having to refund the ticket sales that covered those costs can be a heavy burden for many businesses.

Cancellation & Abandonment Insurance will cover any expenses or lost revenue that you might stand to lose if the event you are holding is cancelled, abandoned or postponed for unforeseeable reasons beyond your control.

The same type of cover can also apply to sports players and athletes who stand to gain revenue from attending a sporting event and can help individuals or teams recoup lost revenue.

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