Bespoke solutions

Bespoke solutions

We understand that the primary focus for all athletes , sports teams, coaches, managers and owners competing at a high level is achieving sporting success in your relevant discipline. And while many insurance covers are a necessity, you’d rather spend your time organising other things. Equally, insurance can be just as important to amateur sports competitors who need to ensure that injuries don’t impact on their performance and many athletes at this level will look to their sports association or governing body for guidance or advice.

Within these programmes we provide specialist risk management advice, advanced claims trending and analysis.  Bespoke programmes can be written to protect a single event, such as a weather intervention at an event, or multiple events, such as a serious spectator incident which will trigger spectator evacuation procedures, bring your media teams into the spotlight and test you r risk assessments to their limit.

As sports insurance specialists with expertise across a variety of sports, our team can work closely with clients to understand individual risks and needs and importantly the needs of your membership. We can develop bespoke insurance programmes tailored specifically to your sport, whether it’s liability protection, Personal Accident cover or legal expenses for members or team travel for overseas events covering specialist sports equipment.

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