Frequently asked questions

  • What does Volleyball England Public Liability Insurance cover?

    Volleyball England insurance will protect you and/or your club if you are deemed negligent in injuring another person or causing damage to another person’s property. Cover applies during official competitions and Volleyball related events approved by Volleyball England. This includes during official social events authorised and recognised by Volleyball England.

    The insurance also covers Professional Indemnity for coaches & referees in their professional capacity worldwide. Clubs also benefit from Directors & Officers Liability Insurance for members acting in an official capacity for their clubs; this is also valid worldwide. Drivers taking players on behalf of their club are also covered.

  • Who provides Volleyball England’s insurance cover?

    The Insurance programme is placed by Sports Insure who are Volleyball England’s Insurance Broker.
    The Liability insurance is provided by Sportscover Europe Ltd and The Personal Accident benefits are provided by Aviva.

    Sports Insure can be contacted on 0161 790 7000.

  • Is there anything excluded from the Public Liability Policy?

    Principal Exclusions are; damage to own property (or property in your custody), medical malpractice (administration of first aid by appropriate persons is covered), criminal or deliberate acts, damage to any data and ownership/use of vehicles.

    Please refer to the full policy schedules and wordings for the finer details.

  • Is there a policy Excess?

    No, there is no excess to pay in the event of a claim made against you or your club.

  • Do I require any other forms of Liability Insurance?

    Your membership of Volleyball England provides you with additional covers (where applicable) for example, Professional Indemnity protecting your coaches in their professional capacity with a limit of indemnity of £5,000,000 with a Worldwide Territorial limit.
    Your membership of Volleyball England also provides Directors & Officers Liability Insurance for members in an official capacity with the Association or affiliated clubs.

  • Does the Insurance cover guests to my club?

    Social Guests are insured when taking part in activities at your club.

    Non members visiting to try out the sport are insured for a maximum of 2 taster sessions after which they need to become a member. These
    taster sessions for non members will need to be signed in with a time, date and contact details, this information may be called upon in the event of any future claim.

  • Are there any age limits for the Insurance?

    There is no upper or lower age limit in respect of the Public Liability Insurance. The Personal Accident policy has an upper age limit of 80 years old.

  • If a group of teams decide to form a league would they require additional cover?

    The teams would need to declare the new league to Volleyball England. Once recognised as under the auspices of Volleyball England then insurance cover will apply. If not, separate Insurance cover can be purchased for your league from Sports Insure – 0161 790 7000.

  • Are coaches and referees covered and when does the cover apply?

    All registered coaches and officials are fully insured for all aspects of their duties at Volleyball England clubs.
    If as a coach or referee you act in a commercial capacity outside of your club you will require additional cover, please contact Sports Insure on 0161 790 7000 for advice.

  • Is our club covered at matches if the referee is not registered with Volleyball England?

    The registered club and the registered players’ insurance covers remain unaffected but it would be good practice to check that the referee has suitable insurance cover in place in order to receive any Public Liability or Professional Indemnity Insurance.

  • Does my club require Employers Liability Insurance?

    If your club employs the services of others it is a statutory requirement for you to purchase Employers Liability Insurance. This is automatically provided as part of your affiliation with Volleyball England, the cover provides a £10m Limit of Indemnity.

    Please note volunteers should be treated in the same way as paid employees as the law does not restrict the definition of employees to those who receive payment for their services.

  • What is included in the personal accident insurance policy?

    Please view the Aviva Schedule for details of the benefits provided to you.

    If you have any further queries please call Karen Tonge on 07843 630 83

  • What immediate action should we take if an incident occurs that could lead to an insurance claim?

    Please record the details of the incident including witness statements if available. Earliest notification to Sports Insure is essential, please call 0161 790 7000.

  • Is our clubs equipment covered by way of our affiliation?

    No, separate standalone cover can be provided by Sports Insure, please contact Karen Tonge on 07843 630 831.