Club Committees

Volleyball England insurance will protect you and your club if you are deemed negligent in injuring another person or causing damage to another person’s property. Public & Products Liability insurance is provided with a £5m Limit of Indemnity with Sportscover Europe Ltd.

Cover applies during official competitions, related events and official social events, all of which are authorised and recognised by Volleyball England.

Please note that all committee members may have a personal liability for any claim that is made against the club for breach of duty, therefore Directors & Officers Liability Insurance with a £1m Limit of Indemnity for those individuals acting in an official capacity for their club is provided as part of your clubs affiliation.

if you would like to view the Directors & Officers policy schedule please click here.
If you would like to view the Directors & Officers Policy wording please click here.

If clubs require any additional insurances e.g. Cyber & Data, Club Property and Equipment or Legal Expenses protection, please click here to contact Sports Insure.