Snowsport England – Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact Sports Insure.

  • What activities are recognised by Snowsport England?

    Activities recognised and therefore covered via your insurance are:

    Alpine – Downhill, Super G, Giant Slalom, Slalom & Speed Skiing

    Nordic – Cross-country (Classical & Skating), Roller Skiing, Jumping, Telemarking/ Nordic downhill, Biathlon, Ski Orienteering & Ski Mountaineering

    Snowboarding – Freestyle, Big Air, Half Pipe, Slopestyle, Boardercross, Slalom (touring/mountain)

    Freestyle – Moguls, Aerials, Half-Pipe, Slopestyle, Skiercross

  • What does the insurance provided as part of my affiliation to Snowsport England cover?

    Snowsport England insurance will protect you and/or your club if you are deemed negligent in injuring another person or causing damage to another person’s property. Cover applies during official competitions and Snowsport related events approved by Snowsport England. This includes during official social events authorised and recognised by Snowsport England.

    The insurance also covers Professional Indemnity for coaches & referees in their professional capacity worldwide.

    Clubs also benefit from Directors & Officers Liability Insurance for members acting in an official capacity for their clubs; this is also valid worldwide.

  • What is the difference between the Geographical and Territorial limits on the policy?

    The geographical limits on the policy is where you can participate in Snowsport activities which is covered anywhere in the world. In layman terms, this means that you can train, participate and compete in recognised and approved Snowsport England activity, worldwide.

    The territorial/ jurisdictional limits on the policy is where an allegation can be made against you/ your club. In layman terms, this means the country in which a solicitor can be appointed, to try and sue you, if a third party feels you/ your club are deemed negligent. The territorial/ jurisdictional limit on the policy is worldwide excluding claims made against you in the USA and Canada.

  • I am a instructor/coach working individually, but trade as a limited company. Am I covered via my affiliation to SSE?

    Yes. Providing you do not have any employees and turnover less than £25,000 then you are covered via the master liability policy arranged by Snowsport England. If you are a Snow School that operates as a limited company, with staff, you must obtain separate insurance. For a quote please contact Chris Rhodes at Sports Insure by clicking here or calling 01332 638 085/ 07973 566 424.

  • I am travelling overseas, am I covered by the insurance?

    The public liability cover is provided to you travelling anywhere in the world. This would cover claims for alleged third party injury, or third party property damage.

    The public liability policy does not however, provide you with any travel insurance. Travel insurance would cover overseas emergency medical treatment, following an accident, repatriations costs, cancelled flights etc. Sports Insure have a specific sports travel scheme, which you can obtain a quotation from here. 

  • I am unsure to what extent I can operate/teach under my Snowsport England licence?

    For clarification, a full list of the Snowsport England licencing awards and the remit of each award can be found here.

  • Am I covered to offer tubing as an activity?

    If tubing is being delivered as part of a club activity then yes, the cover is operative. However, if you are offering tubing on a commercial basis, then no this is not covered and alternative cover must be sought.

  • Does my club require Employers Liability cover?

    If your club employs the services of others it is a statutory requirement for you to purchase Employers Liability Insurance. This is automatically provided as part of your affiliation with Snowsport England, the cover provides a £10m Limit of Indemnity.

    Please note volunteers should be treated in the same way as paid employees as the law does not restrict the definition of employees to those who receive payment for their services.

  • Are we required to complete risk assessments for club our club activity?

    Risk management is key when defending a claim and will need to be evidenced in the event of an incident. As such it is imperative that you undertake a risk assessments for all club activities.

  • Our club is holding a social event. Are we covered?

    Providing the activity does not require any specialist training, qualification, experience or equipment, that is not recognised by SSE then social activity is covered involving affiliated club members.

    Examples of recognised social activities would include Award Dinners and BBQ’s. If you are unsure whether your social activity is recognised, please contact Chris Rhodes at Sports Insure at . Social Activities and associated entertainment involving non-members such as Birthday Parties are not covered.

  • I am thinking of joining Snowsport England, am I covered by the insurance?

    Activities involving non-members are not covered unless part of a taster session of a recognised Activity or Discipline. Non-members can participate in up to three ‘Taster’ sessions.

    The details of the participants and the date of the activity must be recorded.

  • Are there any age limits on the policy?

    There aren’t any age restrictions on the liability insurance that members benefit from as part of their affiliation.

    We do stipulate however that participation in all activities in in accordance with the rules & guidelines of Snowsport England. As such if there are any age restrictions imposed by Snowsport England for certain disciplines, then these must be adhered to.