Instructors, Coaches & Leaders

As an instructor, coach or leader of Snowsport England, you receive liability insurance as part of your membership. This includes Public Liability & Professional Indemnity with a limit of £10,000,000.

The liability insurance will cover the cost of defending a claim made against you following negligent advice whilst instructing/coaching provided that the activity falls within your Snowsport England licensing remit.

If you are unsure to extent of your instructing/coaching remit, please click here to review the instructor/coach licencing, remit of awards document, produced by Snowsport England.

As a self-employed instructor/coach of Snowsport England, you are covered to delivery recognised Snowsport England activities, up to a maximum turnover of £25,000. Furthermore, you are covered if you operate as a sole trader, limited company (i.e. just yourself as a working director, you do not employ any staff or use volunteers and you turnover less than £25,000 per annum).

Become a Snowsport England Instructor or Coach

If you would like to become a Snowsport England Instructor or Coach, or perhaps find out more about the coaching award schemes, please click here.