Travel Insurance

We are all familiar with buying Travel Insurance when we go on holiday. A sensible and sometimes essential purchase.

However, when we go abroad to either take part in sport, practice or train is this covered under a conventional travel policy?

In many cases sport and some recreation activities are not automatically included within a standard travel policy, even some activities that you might assume would be covered automatically. It is important to understand what cover is given under the policy you buy. It is too late to find a sport or recreation activity is excluded after you have been injured or need medical treatment having taken part in an excluded activity. You will become personally liable for the costs of treatment not covered. In a worst-case scenario where you needed to be repatriated the costs can be significant, similarly to medical expenses in the USA can be very large.

Sports Insure can offer you a solution with a travel policy that is designed to include most sporting and recreational activities provided they are fully declared at the point you buy the cover. If you are going abroad to practice, train or compete in your sport or recreation you should contact us to arrange cover for these activities to make sure that the cover you have purchased will cover you adequately for taking part in your chosen activity.

Claims are dealt with promptly and by Insurers with vast amounts of experience in sport and recreation activities. In the event of a serious accident that requires local assistance an emergency assistance company is appointed to handle the claim on your behalf.

Cover can be arranged for individuals, Families or Groups going to the same event.