• Who is the insurance provided by?

    The liability cover you receive is provided by Sportscover Europe Ltd.

  • What is the difference between Geographical & Territorial Limits noted on the policy?

    The geographical limits on the policy is where you can participate in GBRWrestling activities which is covered anywhere in the world (excluding the USA & Canada). In layman terms, this means that you can train, participate and compete in recognised and approved GBRWrestling activity, worldwide (excluding the USA & Canada)

    The territorial/ jurisdictional limits on the policy is where an allegation can be made against you/ your league. In layman terms, this means the country in which a solicitor can be appointed, to try and sue you, if a third party feels you are deemed negligent. The territorial/ jurisdictional limit on the policy is within the United Kingdom.

  • Are there any age limits on the policy?

    There aren’t any age restrictions on the liability insurance that British Wrestling’s clubs, members, coaches and referees benefit from via the insurance programme.

    However, we do stipulate however that participation in all activities in in accordance with the rules & guidelines of British Wrestling. As such if there are any age restrictions imposed by British Wrestling for certain activity, then these must be adhered to.

  • If I am injured whilst taking part in a wrestling activity what should I do?

    If you are injured and you believe the fault lies with them we recommend you should seek advice on how to pursue a claim against the said person responsible for causing your injury.

  • Does my insurance cover training activities?

    Yes, the insurance cover you receive will cover you whilst you are training for British Wrestling activities.

  • Is damage to my own property covered?

    Under the liability insurance, you can’t claim for damage to your own property. For your own equipment, you should arrange asset cover.

  • Does my insurance cover damage to another an individual, or their property, in an incident caused by me?

    The combined liability cover is designed to cover any injuries or damages which are caused as a result of your negligence.

  • Am I covered for club events that take place away from the club's premises?

    Yes, your cover allows you to take part in all club activities.

  • If an incident occurs as a result of a breach of a club rule, is my insurance cover still valid?

    This would be taken on a case by case basis as it depends on which rule has been breached and the circumstances.

  • I'm participating in a club competition overseas. Does my insurance cover my activities and travel to and from the venue?

    Yes, your British Wrestling insurance covers you while you are participating in badminton related activities abroad, as long as your club is affiliated to British Wrestling. However, you will need to take out additional travel insurance.

  • Does my club require Employers Liability cover?

    If your club employs the services of others it is a statutory requirement for you to purchase Employers Liability Insurance. This is automatically provided as part of your affiliation with British Wrestling, the cover provides a £10m Limit of Indemnity.

    Please note volunteers should be treated in the same way as paid employees as the law does not restrict the definition of employees to those who receive payment for their services.

  • Does the Policy include Employers Liability cover?

    Yes, the limit of indemnity provided is £10,000,000 any one incident.

  • Why do we need Employers Liability cover if all our coaches are volunteers or self-employed?

    Under British Law, you can still be called an “employee” even if you are not paid. Our advice would always be to take out Employers’ Liability insurance. The type of contract in place with the coach may also mean you have an employee-employer relationship. In general, you may need employers’ liability insurance for someone who works for you if any of the following apply:

    • You have the right to control where and when they work and how they do it
    • You supply most materials and equipment
    • You have a right to any profit your workers make although you may choose to share this with them through commission, performance pay or shares in the company. Similarly, you will be responsible for any losses
    • You deduct national insurance and income tax from the money you pay them
    • You require that person only to deliver the service and they cannot employ a substitute if they are unable to do the work
    • They are treated in the same way as other employees, for example if they do the same work under the same conditions as someone you employ.
    • It is essential that when you use Self Employed Coaches you check the terms of the contract for their services to establish if you will be classed as their employer, that they have their own Public and professional Indemnity insurance in place.

    Employers’ Liability provides protection to your club, as the employer, in the event any of the volunteers or employees becoming injured themselves and suing your club for negligence.

  • Are we required to complete risk assessments for club our club activity?

    Risk management is key when defending a claim and will need to be evidenced in the event of an incident. As such it is imperative that you undertake a risk assessments for all club activities.

  • What information do I need to record when an accident occurs?

    We would recommend that a designated person within your club is made responsible to record any reportable accident/incident. Records must be kept for at least 6 years, and longer where it involves a person under the age of 18 years. Names and addresses of any possible witnesses should also be recorded. Please ensure your club has an accident book to record all such information.

    In respect of Safeguarding allegations records should be kept indefinitely.