Personal Accident Cover

Core, Core Coach, Ultimate and Ultimate Coach Members also benefit from Personal Accident cover. This is a ‘no fault’ benefit that provides a specified amount to a member, if they are injured whilst training towards a triathlon or multi-sport goal or participating in a British Triathlon permitted event. Depending on your membership type, will determine the level of cover available to you. Below is a table, details the cover provided, to each membership type.

Table of Benefits
Policy Benefit Benefit Level Core Member Ultimate Member Core Coach Ultimate Coach
Death £10,000

Loss of Sight in one or both Eyes £50,000
Loss of Hearing in one ear £12,500
Loss of Hearing in both ears £50,000
Loss of one or more Limbs £50,000
Loss of Speech £50,000
Permanent Total Disablement* £50,000
Temporary Total Disablement £100 per week for Ultimate Members and £500 per week for Ultimate Coaches or 75% of weekly wage, whichever is less X X
Broken Bones Up to £500
Coma Benefit £50 per day for each day up to a maximum of 730 days
Convalescence Up to £100
Dental Expenses Up to £2,500
Optical Expenses Up to £2,500
Disappearance Up to £10,000
Funeral Expenses Up to £10,000
Hospitalisation £50 per day up to 365 days
Paraplegia Up to £50,000
Quadriplegia Up to £100,000
Medical Expenses 25% of Death benefit X X
Physiotherapy Up to £2,500 X X
Rehabilitation Up to £10,000 X X
Facial Disfigurement Up to £5,000 X X

*The basis of cover for permanent total disablement is Any and Every occupation.

The above is a summary only and should be read in conjunction with the insurers Wording.

If you have any further queries, please refer to the FAQ Section of this portal.