If you need to report an incident that may give rise to a claim, you must do so without delay. If you are in any doubt as to whether an incident should be reported to insurers please download a copy of our Guidelines to Reporting a Claim document, which can be found here.

Legal Liability

If you are a club or instructor and need to report an injury to a third party, or damage to a third parties property, please click here to download a copy of the incident notification form, for completion.

Who to contact

In the first instance, any notification of a claim should be declared to Jonathan Blair-Sloan, Insurance Officer, British Kendo Association. Jonathan can be contacted by completing the below contact sheet.

If you receive written communication from a solicitor, advising that a third party intends to try and sue you for your negligence, this must be sent to Sports Insure immediately, unanswered. Alison Richardson-Barnard is the designated claims handler for BKA incidents.  You can speak with Alison directly on 07515 994 581 or

To write to the BKA insurance officer, to discuss a potential incident, please complete the below: