Teams & Leagues

As an affiliated Team or league of BSF, you have a duty of care to all those participating in the sport and any spectators or visitors. A team/ league and its committee should ensure it does everything it possibly can to mitigate any potential incidents, including injury to third parties or damage to a third parties property, otherwise you may be held legally liable for any negligent acts.

Affiliated Teams/ leagues of BSF and their participants are covered by a combined liability insurance programme, included as part of your affiliation. This protects not only the participants, but also the committee, volunteers and officials, working on behalf of the team or league. Cover is arranged to protect you, if you are held responsible and are negligent for causing injury to a third party or damage to a third parties property, whilst involves in Baseball & Softball activities, recognised by BSF.

Cover Provided

The cover provided as part of your affiliation includes:

Public & Products Liability – £10,000,000

This provides cover for accidental bodily injury to third parties and/or damage to a third parties property arising out of the insured activities.

Professional Indemnity – £10,000,000

This covers negligent acts, errors or omissions in respect of a professional opinion, including injury following tuition, advice, coaching or instruction, against claims made during the period of insurance.

Directors & Officers – £10,000,000

Protects an individual’s personal liability arising from actions in their capacity as a director, officer or trustee, against claims made during the period of insurance for a wrongful act.

Employers Liability – £10,000,000

Protection for damages and legal costs arising out of death or bodily injury caused to an employee or volunteer in the course of their engagement with BSF.
Please Note: A volunteer may be deemed an employee, even if they are not receiving financial remuneration. As such, cover for both employees and volunteers is included.

In addition, British Softball Federation has arranged Personal Accident cover for all team players which includes the following benefits:

  • Accidental Death – £10,000
  • Permanent Total Disablement – £50,000
  • Physiotherapy – up to £500
  • Hospitalisation – £50 per day
  • Dental Expenses – up to £1,000
  • Broken Bones – up to £500
  • Coaches also receive weekly benefits if they are injured and unable to work