One of the most important things when evaluating the benefits of the insurance you have purchased is the process of your broker making sure that Claims are settled fairly and promptly and to your satisfaction. This is true whether you are a National Governing Body or a Coach, a team or an individual participant, an Organiser or a Venue Operator.

Sports Insure have their own in house claims teams and expertise. Claims for our clients are never out sourced to third parties. Loss Adjusters maybe appointed by Insurers to investigate  a claim, Lawyers maybe appointed by Insurers to defend a claim but at all times Sports Insure will keep a watching brief on all clients claims. We will be there to go through the claims process with you, be available to advise on Adjusters comments, liaise with Underwriters during the process and make sure that the claim is moved along to our client’s satisfaction.

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Of course there are contentious claims, but our wealth of knowledge in the sports arena helps us to contribute positively in the claims process and answer any questions that may arise during these negotiations.  The more knowlegable the broker about their area of specialism, obviously in our case Sport, the less likely it is for claims negotiations to be protracted.

Clearly there are times when Insurers want to defend a liability claim and these types of claims can be lengthy. This will not usually be driven by your insurers but more likely by the claimant’s lawyers whilst they investigate the circumstances of the incident, gather medical evidence to support their clients claim and in some cases, where there is serious injury, wait to see what the long term prognosis for their client may be. We cannot shorten this process. What we will do during this time is discuss with your Insurers the potential in these claims and try to make sure that they are applying suitable reserves to your claims. Reserves that realistic based on the potential outcome of a claim and the likelihood of them having to settle the claim.

For other non-liability claims we will make sure that a payment is made as soon as practicable once the claim has been agreed. If a member has a Personal Accident claim with a defined benefit we will make sure that once all the documents have been received from the injured party the claim will be paid.

We have a dedicated claims email address where any claim can be reported. This allows us to be proactive in notifying the claim to the right person within Sports Insure and to the correct Insurer in a timely fashion, including at weekends, if necessary.