The personal trainer’s guide to insurance

10th May 2019

With one in every 7 people being a member of a gym, the health and fitness industry is continuing to grow. Individuals who rely on their qualifications to train, teach, coach or instruct need to make sure that they have adequate cover for their liabilities and professional risks to individuals, teams or organisations; but we understand how complicated everything can get so we’ve answered some of your frequently asked questions below in this handy guide to insurance.

What is public liability insurance for personal trainers?

Particularly important for sports facilities, recreation grounds and any business who supplies a service or product to the sports industry, it provides indemnity against legal liability for injury to third parties and loss of or damage to third party property.

So should one of your clients fall and injure themselves during a training session with you, they could potentially make a claim against your business. Clients may also claim for damage to their property. Public liability insurance policies with Sports Insure not only give you peace of mind, but will cover you for the cost of a claim made by a client.

Comprehensive policies cover the cost of compensation to be paid out to the claimant and also the legal expenses incurred during the claims process, which can be very costly.

What could lead to a public liability claim?

Despite spending hours assessing risks and putting provisions in place to create a safe environment, unfortunately accidents do still happen. If a visitor suffers an injury, usually from slipping or tripping, and they believe this to be due to negligence from the trainer, they could try to claim compensation.

Allegations against property damage might arise if a client’s property is lost or damaged while on the personal trainer’s premises. In some cases, personal trainers may have accidently knocked a client’s mobile on the floor causing it to break which resulted in the client taking legal action.

What is professional indemnity cover and why do I need it?

Professional Indemnity cover is a form of liability insurance which helps to protect professional advice delivered by the business or its employees. As a personal trainer you may offer advice to your clients on how to perform certain exercises, however if the client falls or is injured while following this advice, they may try to make a claim against you alleging failure on your part.

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