Musical bumps

5th April 2019

Following the news that a leisure resort has been held liable for the injuries sustained by guests taking part in an organised game of musical chairs, we take a look at the importance of risk assessments and impact on insurance…

Risk can be broadly categorised as either strategic or operational. Strategic risks include personnel, contractual and legal, for example, while operational risk is associated with physical loss or damage, such as fire or personal injury.

In a recent case, a leisure resort held a series of games, including musical chairs, which were organised by the resort’s host. However at the last minute, the host decided to introduce a tie-breaker round, which had not previously been assessed for risks. As a result of this, two participants collided and injury was sustained by the claimant.

His Honour Judge Hughes QC ruled that the resort was liable as no attempts were made to uphold precautionary measures such as the ‘no running rule’. Guests taking part in the games had been running in previous rounds and were aware no sanction was imposed for this. In His Honour Judge Hughes’ opinion, the duty of care was breached when the resort host decided to run such ‘an unapproved and plainly dangerous tie-breaker with no rules other than to run as fast as possible’.

Advice from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) suggests ways of how you can assess the risks in your workplace.

As noted by the HSE, a risk assessment isn’t about creating paperwork and arduous tasks; it’s the process of evaluating the potential risks that may be involved in an activity. Risk assessments should include a careful examination of the task, looking at what has the potential to cause harm to people and weighing up whether implementing extra precautions is necessary. Insurance is how to transfer risk away from your organisation whilst helping you manage any problems that arise.

At Sports Insure we can help your organisation identify and manage those risks that could prevent your business from achieving its objectives and currently offer the following services:

  • Risk Management Audits
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Crisis Simulation Testing
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