Travelling supporters to be protected with flexible ticket scheme

15th February 2019

Football fans prayers are being answered by the Department for Transport, train companies and the Premier League as a scheme is on its way to ensure fans are not left out of pocket for rearranged matches.

It’s often the case that matches are cancelled or rescheduled due to TV demands; introducing a flexible ticketing scheme would benefit supporters of the Premier League as those are the matches most likely to be moved at short notice.

Rail Minister, Andrew Jones said “Football is about passionate fans, and the last thing loyal supporters deserve is to pay more when matches are rescheduled at the last minute.”

The agreement is yet to be formally backed by train operators and football clubs before trial schemes are launched. Trials will focus on the best way to deliver flexible train tickets and look into stewarding at stations.

Speaking about the news, Managing Director, Nigel Hayden said “At Sports Insure we understand that event cancellation, even if for the right reasons, can be costly for the organisers and having to refund ticket sales (which probably covered producing the tickets and promotion of the event) is a harsh reality. Our Cancellation & Abandonment Insurance will cover any insured expenses or lost revenue that you might stand to lose if the event you are holding is cancelled, abandoned or postponed for unforeseeable reasons beyond your control.”

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