New restrictions are going to apply in England from Monday 14th September as announced by the Prime Minister.
Social gatherings will be restricted to a maximum of 6 people, this replaces all previous rules.
Organised sports and leisure activities will be allowed to have more than 6 people in total, however individual groups within the organised event must have no more than 6 people in them.
This is on the basis that your activity takes place at a Covid secure site where you must continue to complete Covid-19 Risk Assessments and always observe social distancing rules and all other advice to keep everyone safe.
For current advice in Scotland and Wales please use the following links. Wales Scotland


  • Does my insurance via British Triathlon cover me to train in the current situation whilst the Social distancing restrictions are in place due to COVID-19?

    The policies will continue to respond in the usual way for both Liability and Personal Accident covers as the sport starts to return to some level of normal activity.

    It is very important that Organisers, Clubs, Members, Officials etc. make themselves familiar with the updated documents and advice issued by British Triathlon Federation for the safe running of events and activities. These have been agreed with Insurers. They incorporate the most up to date advice from the Government and this guidance and these rules need to be adhered to at all times in order not to be in breach of the insurance policy conditions.


    The Insurer shall not provide any benefit under this policy to the extent of providing cover, payment of any Claim or the provision of any benefit where doing so would breach any sanction, prohibition or restriction imposed by law or regulation.